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Fluoride Facts from Your Camarillo Dentist

Top Three Fluoride Facts

Fluoride is a natural mineral we use to protect our teeth from cavity-causing acid and plaque bacteria. It strengthens the tooth’s enamel to help boost oral health. You can find fluoride in community water systems, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and other dental products. Your Camarillo dentist, Dr. Charles Scholler, gives you the top three fluoride facts for future reference—you can never know have too much dental knowledge! Fluoride

#1 Natural fluoride vs. fluoride additives: benefits remain the same

Media has advertised that natural sources show more benefits than any additives could ever give you. That may be true for food and some beauty products, but natural fluoride and fluoride additives offer the same dental benefits for your teeth. The difference stands with the amount of fluoridation, not the source.

#2 Water fluoridation improves oral health

Most community water irrigation systems are naturally fluoridated, and research has shown that fluoridated water boosts oral health and has decreased the number of cavity cases, only where community fluoridation is available. If water fluoridation was discontinued, the American Dental Association believes that dental decay will increase.


#3 Fluoride can help prevent root decay and preserve natural teeth

Topical fluoride treatments are protecting teeth from cavities, but most of us don’t think beyond that benefit. Severe decay can result in tooth loss, and fluoride is helping many adults combat decay and keep their natural teeth. This natural mineral offers long-term benefits. Just remember to get the proper amount of fluoride and schedule regular dental appointments.
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