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Supercharge Your Smile with Veneers

If your teeth are in good condition but don’t quite fit your ideal for a perfect smile, you might just need a relatively minor cosmetic adjustment. Veneers are dental restorations that require minimal preparation and dental work but give you maximum results. Let Camarillo dentist Dr. Charles E. Scholler, D.D.S. help supercharge your smile with veneers.

What Are Veneers?
To understand the concept of a veneer, think of putting a laminate floor over a badly damaged hardwood floor. The floor underneath is still there, but the laminate “wood” lies on top making it look brand new. A veneer is very similar to that laminate covering—it is a thin layer of material that the dentist bonds over your original tooth for a better looking appearance.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Veneers?
You may be surprised at how quickly you’ll have your new smile after you visit Camarillo veneers dentist Dr. Scholler for your first dental consultation. There are three main steps:

  • The initial consultation (x-rays and discussion of options).
  • Tooth preparation, impressions and a temporary restoration (which may be included in the initial appointment depending on your individual case).
  • The appointment to bond your finished veneer to the surface of your tooth.

Some patients have their veneers in a matter of weeks. To really supercharge your smile for lasting results, the dentist must have sufficient time to carefully examine your teeth.

A Supercharged Smile with Veneers
One thing that Camarillo veneers dentist Dr. Scholler prides himself on his ability to give patients the results they intimately desire using the latest dental technology. He is also committed to treating each patient with “warmth, respect and dignity” so you can relax knowing that you’re in good hands. Contact his office at (805) 386-3199 to ask for a free initial visit to talk about dental veneers, or visit his website at for more information about this cosmetic procedure.