Your Smile Makes A Difference

Happy Couple Kissing Will A More Attractive Smile
Make A Difference In Your Life?

The Surveys Say "YES!" ...

The very first thing people notice about you -- the first thing on which they base their lasting first impression is your smile ... your teeth.

In fact, it had been speculated that your smile has more impact on the success of your personal and business relationships than any other part of your appearance ... ANY other part of your appearance. That speculation was confirmed by a number of surveys.

In one survey in which people were asked what it is they remember most about new people they meet.

  • Almost 88% said they remember people with beautiful smiles.

It's reconfirmed in another professional survey where ...

  • 94% said the very first thing they notice about people is their smile(not eyes or figure, etc.)
  • 84% say an attractive smile is a key element in getting that date with Mr. or Ms. Right.
  • Over one-third said they were not likely to kiss someone, or set up a blind date for a friend, with a person who had crooked teeth.

What does all this mean?

It means the more attractive your smile, the more likely it is that you'll be noticed, sought out, liked, remembered.

It means that the more beautiful your smile, the more likely it is your spouse or significant other will be attracted to, and turned on, by you.

It also means the more compelling your smile, the more likely it is that you'll get noticed and remembered on the job ... potentially leading to more promotions.

It means the more attractive your smile, the more confident you are likely to be and the better your self-image will be ... which translates into a better life.

It means that you will be able to ...

Enjoy A Winning Edge In
Life, Love & Career.

Here another survey result that suggests that the more attractive your smile, the better you'll do in your job or career

  • 75% believe your smile can help or hurt your career (depending on how
    attractive it is) ... and influences whether or not you get your dream job.

And that makes sense. Your teeth and smile are perceived by others as a direct reflection on how you feel about yourself ... how you take care of yourself ... how you handle yourself.

A dull, unattractive smile is perceived by many as a clear indication that a person doesn't feel good about herself or himself, doesn't pay attention to detail, doesn't care. And, as you know, those are not the personal attributes that impress employers.

Conversely, a beautiful smile reflects a self-confident person who pays attention to details. An intelligent person who cares. A person who relates well. A person with vision. And that's exactly what employers prefer.

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